Online Course

We have a Dream. We Need Help. We Will Get Trained.

  • Design

    Learn how to create a blueprint to accomplish the dream that God has put on your heart. With the help from experts from many different fields see how you can be a part of bring God's Kingdom coming to Earth.

  • Fund

    Funding is a huge part of seeing the Kingdom of God coming to Earth, but many don't know where to start. With this course we will help understand the importance of funding and help you get your project funded

  • Partnership

    We need to collaborate in order to see the Kingdom of God come to Earth, but many don't understand what is partnership. With this course we help bring clarity on what is a good partnership to seeing your project completed

Get Mentored And Equiped

You will be mentored by some of the best and most successful leaders who will impart to you their knowledge and experience.

  • Design a blueprint for your project

  • Learn how to successfully fund your vision

  • How to organize and staff your ministry or project

  • Leadership development

  • How to partner for more impact

  • The keys to successful pioneering

What They’re Saying About Us

Jeremy Palattao

“People look at the great commission as a HUGE task; too big and beyond our reach. The messengers internship allows us to break the great commission down into strategic actionable steps we all can take, making the seemingly big task into a reachable reality.”

Desi Morris

“I knew that I was called to something greater, but I didn’t know that I have what it takes to carry it out until now.”

Hannah Estacion Heil

“This internship opened my eyes to the bigger picture of what mission was supposed to look like. To partner with the work that’s been started even from before and forcefully advance the kingdom to fulfill the Great Commission.”

Shivani Schulz

“The reason God gave you a calling was to fit into his big picture. You have a part to play.”